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8 ways to speed up page loads

8 Proven Ways to Speed Up Your Page Loads

Why is Page Load Speed Important? We’re all familiar with the experience of arriving at a website, only to have to wait… and wait… patiently… for the site to load. For users browsing the internet, it’s pretty annoying, but for commercial organisations, the consequences of slow page loads and outages can be catastrophic. The financial impact

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on-page SEO

How to Fine Tune Your On-Page SEO

What is On-Page SEO? On Page SEO is a method of optimising web pages to improve search engine rankings, attract organic traffic and engage visitors. Common on-page SEO practices include optimising content, title tags, images, internal links, external links and URLs. It is a common understanding that SEO is a strategy to appease and please

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Content Types - Writing a Blog

8 Content Marketing Types and Why You Should Use Them

Following on from my previous article on content strategy, in this post I list 8 content marketing types and give some solid reasons why you may want to include them in your marketing plan. Blogging For many organisations, blogs form the bulk of their content marketing strategy. There’s good reason for this; blog posts are

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Bouncing Tennis Balls

What is Bounce Rate and How Can You Reduce it?

One of the key engagement numbers that points to the quality of a web page is Bounce Rate. It’s a percentage you’ll find in Google Analytics and will give you a good idea if the content of a page meets and satisfies user intent. The lower the bounce rate of a page, the better. In

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