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Bespoke WordPress website design for FM Project Consultants, an international asbestos consultancy

FM Project Consultants

Based in the UK, FM Project Consultants is an international asbestos consultancy. Leading industry experts, FMPC provide three key asbestos services to clients across the UK, Europe and the USA: 

• Compliance Consulting

• Data Management

• Asbestos Awareness Training

Asbestos Caution Tape
Multilingual website design

The brief

FMPC’s brief was for a brand new, multilingual website. It needed a professional, contemporary feel to showcase their international services. 

The site needed to provide consistent design and branding and be accessible to people across different languages, regardless of their location. 

They also required well-optimised content to bring the business greater web traffic from across the world.

Our Approach

Multilingual Website Design Considerations

Multilingual website design isn’t always straightforward. There are plenty of pitfalls to avoid when building an international presence online. So, to sidestep any potential issues, we built a website with:

• Each language version  shown through its own specific and accessible URL (web address). This ensures that search engines can crawl, index and rank the site effectively.

• Hidden parts of the site including meta-tags, titles and descriptions and image alt tags are translated into each language to improve SEO. 

Multi Lingual Website Design - Italian
Multi Lingual Website Design - French


With the assistance of professional translators, we made sure that the FMPC website is fully comprehensible to an international audience. 

Automated translation software can be quick, easy and cheap. It would be tempting to use it!  But, (a big but) word for word translation doesn’t provide nuance and simply cannot be guaranteed to be 100% accurate. This can lead to all manner of misundertanding and problems.  

The Homepage

The homepage is current, stylish and professional. It’s immediately clear that FMP is an international business as the welcome message scrolls through each of the six languages. The language switcher is easily found to the bottom right of the homepage (and all other pages). Navigation to FMPC’s key services  is effortless. And of course, the  positive customer testimonials we’ve included provide strong social proof. These trust signals build  FMPC’s credibility, with new customers and search engines alike. 

Multi Lingual Website Design - English
Asbestos Awareness Course Website Design

Ongoing Work

Asbestos is an extremely hazardous substance that causes serious ill-health to anyone who disturbs or damages it.

FM Project Consulting have developed  their own Asbestos Awareness Training Course to comply with, and satisfy HSE regulations.

We were delighted to have been asked again by FMPC  to design and develop the website for their  training course. The site is currently in development and will go live shortly. 

How it looks on mobile devices

Fully responsive, the site looks great and works flawlessly on mobile devices. The language switcher is easy to find.  Through simple layouts, navigation is smooth and effortless, with clearly marked, mobile friendly calls to action and links.

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