ppc management

We provide PPC Management services to local and national businesses

Immediate visibility & results with targeted pay-per-click 

We support local and national businesses through PPC Management and effective PPC strategies.

PPC Advertising on Google Search Ads puts your products and services in front of people who are actively searching for them.

With the right PPC strategy you’ll display your ads to prospects when they’re poised to convert or buy. We’ll work closely with you to create high performing, results driven campaigns that deliver high quality leads and conversions, not just clicks!

Google Search Ads

Using Google Search Ads means you only pay when prospective customers (prospects) click on your ad. These customers are targeted by location and the search query or ‘keywords’.

This targeted advertising really works when done skilfully, as prospects, who are already looking for your services or goods, are directed to your website through PPC ads.

Our PPC management service can transform your marketing. We help to build profitable PPC campaigns and continually monitor and refine them to ensure you get the best value from your ad spend.

Just some of the reasons to consider PPC


A pay-per-click campaign is a great idea if you’re looking to get quick results. PPC can help generate leads and sales, promote specific events and increase your brand's reach. It’s easy to keep track of your campaign, with real time analytics measuring specific goals and the conversions. Setting up a PPC campaign is one of the fastest ways to get an ad campaign up and running and results can be seen almost immediately.

When setting up and managing Adword campaigns,  we know what works and what doesn’t.  Our focus is on getting a great return on your ad spend. We take time to really learn about your company, your sector and your competitors. Using this information, we design your campaign to generate high quality traffic.  If you're not sure of what you're doing with PPC, you can quickly spend a lot of money with little return. 

We'll send you monthly reports which show in detail how your ads are working for you. Our reports are easy to understand and show you what we’ve been doing on your account, what ROI you’re getting and we'll include suggestions of what we think could be done moving forward. 

SEO (search engine optimisation) is a method of improving a website’s organic search engine rankings. PPC involves creating a sponsored ad, which you'll then make a payment for each time someone clicks on your advert. PPC is quicker to implement and offers fast results. SEO offers long term domain authority and is seen as a medium to long term marketing solution. 

Reducing the Cost of Sales

Small adjustments can make a big difference to your cost of sales. 

We can help you to reduce cost per click and increase your conversion to sales rates.

Use our calculator to see how the most modest changes can have a big impact on profitabily.

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