4 Key Elements of Good User Experience (UX)

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This short article will highlight 4 key elements of  good user experience.  Failing to take them into account in website design could be the difference between a fleeting visitor (NO sale!) and a happy customer. 

1. Ease of Use

If you’ve ever landed on a website and ended up down a virtual rabbit hole you’ll know what I’m talking about! Your site visitor has arrived wanting something and your mission is to give it to them, quickly and effortlessly. Headings, links, graphics or videos should guide your prospects seamlessly through your site. 

2. Useful

It seems a little obvious but an often overlooked fact is that prospects are really only interested in what might be useful to them. Make sure your content is optimised and relevant to your website visitors. 

3. Credible

Trust is incredibly important. Purchases and deals take place when both parties see each other as credible. It doesn’t take much to break trust. The smallest niggles such as broken links, poor spelling or outdated content can be enough to send your prospects elsewhere. 

4. Accessible

20% of people identify with having some form of disability. Making your website accessible to hearing or visually impaired customers is a courtesy and a necessity. There are many ways to incorporate accessibility:

  • Ensure adequate colour contrast
  • Avoid tiny text
  • Check that the site will work with a screen reader

So, always keep your user in mind when designing. Done correctly, a good user experience will positively impact your company’s bottom line.

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