Case Studies

Case Studies of some recent web design and seo projects

Mark Sofilas Art

A portfolio and e-commerce website redesign

This case study features a redesign of the Mark Sofilas Art website. Mark is a renowned fine artist seeking a modern online presence. His previous website had become dated and didn’t reflect his artistic style or the clean aesthetic he desired.

We designed a minimalist website that puts his stunning paintings centre stage. Strategic placement and optimisation ensure each piece receives the attention it deserves, while a robust e-commerce platform facilitates sales and connects Mark’s art with a global audience.

Jacksonville Jaguars

Elevating the NFL Jacksonville Jaguars' online presence in the UK

The Jacksonville Jaguars, a global sports brand and NFL team, have gained a dedicated following worldwide, including an army of loyal supporters in the United Kingdom. As the Jaguars play at Wembley Stadium annually, we were thrilled to be chosen to work with this premier sports brand. 

Our objective was clear: enhance the Jaguars’ online presence and connect with their passionate UK fanbase.

ISM Psychology

Empowering change and supporting well-being through online platforms

ISM, a prominent provider of drink-driving courses and interventions, is dedicated to fostering awareness and offering support to individuals seeking to address their drinking behaviours.

As our client, ISM sought to enhance their online presence and streamline their services through a user-friendly website. With a focus on drink-driving awareness courses, the website was also intended to provide information about other psychological services available to young people and families.

Lazenby's Financial Services

Design and SEO to revitalise online presence and boost lead generation

In 2022, Lazenby’s Financial Services approached Cree Digital with a challenge. Their existing website was underperforming and failing to generate sufficient leads for their business. Recognising the need for a transformation, Lazenby’s sought our expertise to design and build a new website that would effectively capture their target audience’s attention and generate valuable leads.

Lynx Purchasing

A website designed to streamline hospitality procurement

Cree Digital have been working with Lynx Purchasing for more than 8 years. Lynx’s core mission revolves around helping businesses in the hospitality industry streamline their procurement processes to save both time and money. Our task was to create a website that effectively conveyed this value proposition. Through visually appealing and informative content, we aimed to demonstrate the benefits of partnering with Lynx Purchasing to optimise procurement operations

Vollans Mediation

An Informative and resourceful website

Vollans Mediation entrusted Cree Digital with the task of designing and building a website to showcase their expertise and provide valuable resources and information to individuals navigating the complexities of family disputes.

West Yorkshire Woodwind

An e-commerce website designed to elevate online shopping experience

West Yorkshire Woodwind approached Cree Digital with a website that was slow, visually outdated and lacking an e-commerce system. With customers having to contact the business directly to arrange purchases, West Yorkshire Woodwind recognised the need for a transformation. The brief for  Cree Digital was to design and develop a new website that would provide a seamless online shopping experience for their customers.

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