Copywriting Services

You have 5 seconds to get your customer through the door

Copywriting Services

You have just 5 seconds to get your customer through the door

Ever found yourself lost for words?

You have an amazing product or service but how do you best convey this online? It’s easy to get carried away talking about the features of your brand but…

Well written copy is the key to solving these problems. 

It’s simple really! People will land on a website because they want something. Your beautiful site may have caught their eye, but within just a few seconds, you risk losing your visitor unless you address:

Every headline, strapline, paragraph or word has a responsibility; to hold your reader’s interest. Intelligent, customer-focused copywriting should be crafted to let your potential clients know you can meet their needs, because that’s all they really care about!

Copywriting services

Turning Creative Ideas into Content

You’re naturally invested in your business and of course you want to shout from the rooftops that it’s great! But what is the most effective way to convey this and drive conversions?

We think we can help. Our starting point is to identify your customers’ needs. Then, we sprinkle a little magic dust over your ideas and messages and come up with persuasive, convincing content.  Our aim is to hold you in the spotlight until your desired outcome is reached and…

Words have energy.
Words have power.
Let us help harness them.

We work with start-ups and established brands. Whether you are B2B or B2C, we can help you hone-in on and captivate your target audience. Our copywriting aim is simple. We find the angle that resonates with your prospects. How?

We skilfully progress your site visitors to Calls to Action and Conversion.

We identify and address your customer needs to keep them reading

Good copy is compelling and persuasive

Great writing isn't just about inspiration

We aren’t trying to make it on to the Booker Prize shortlist! Our aim is simple;  to persuade your reader to take an action:

We have a simple process to identify and engage to your ideal online customer

Love your copy

We want you to love your copy. For the best results, we keep you involved throughout the process to discover your:

Getting everything spot-on in the first draft is rare but don’t worry, we offer two full rounds of edits and final revisions.

Blogs. Are they still a thing?

An emphatic YES! It’s a great way to engage with your customers. And did you know that search engines love blog posts? These machines almost think like humans and they seriously rate this stuff. You will earn SEO brownie points and the chance of extra site traffic if you post good content regularly.

Maybe you struggle to find time to come up with new and creative ideas for your blog?

Let us take all the hard work from your shoulders!

Blog writing
Article writing

Article Writing

The business benefits of informative, well-written articles are numerous. They can be a great way to generate interest in your potential prospects and have a substantial impact on your sales. Executed well and published regularly, articles have the power to:

Press Release Writing

A press release can be a great way to raise your profile and get immediate exposure for your product or service. You’re ready to make this investment but there is a lot to think about:

If you need some help with getting down the words for a well-thought out press release, give us a call. We’d love to help.

Press Release Writing
Video Script Writing

Video Script Writing

Saying all you want to say about your business in just a few minutes can be quite a challenge. If you’re having difficulty bringing it all together in a structured and logical way, we can help. With a strong focus on your target audience, we can pull together a punchy, to the point script to:

Videos are super shareable on Social Media so don’t miss this valuable opportunity to be where your customers are.

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