Logo Design
and Branding

Original. Uncomplicated. Memorable.


Logo Design & Branding

Original. Uncomplicated. Memorable.

Creating memorable brands

Logos and branding present the first chance to make an impression. A strong logo will:

Establish brand identity

Communicate product benefits

Reflect your Company's personality

You want your customers to notice you and pay attention, because attention leads to engagement and engagement leads to sales. If you’re looking for ways to make your product or service more distinctive than your competitors, logo design and branding should be a primary consideration.

Our years of experience in designing successful logos and branding puts us in a great place to help you develop your business profile.

Our Process

Before we begin sketching out logo designs or creating colour palettes, we talk with you (and sometimes your customers) to gain an understanding of your business. We get to know:

Logo design process
Logo design

What you get

When our research is complete, we get down to work; sketching, digital development and refinement. 

Within days we’ll deliver a selection of unique and original logo designs and colour options, tailored specifically to your business.

Once finalised we make sure you have the artwork in all the file formats you’ll need.

If required, we can apply your new branding to letterheads, business cards, website and social channels.


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