Jacksonville Jaguars Website Design Case Study

Jacksonville Jaguars

Raising the NFL Team's Online Presence in the UK

The Jacksonville Jaguars, a global sports brand and NFL team, have gained a dedicated following worldwide, including an army of loyal supporters in the United Kingdom. As the Jaguars play at Wembley Stadium annually, we were thrilled to be chosen to work with this premier sports brand. Our objective was clear: enhance the Jaguars’ online presence and connect with their passionate UK fanbase.

Meeting the Challenge

Our task encompassed designing and developing a website with multiple objectives.

Firstly, it needed to provide comprehensive details about the upcoming London event, ensuring fans had easy access to all relevant information.

Secondly, it had to educate UK visitors about American Football, fostering a deeper understanding and appreciation for the sport. Lastly, the website had to keep UK fans up to date with the latest news, team updates, and events surrounding the Jacksonville Jaguars.

Engaging and Informative

To create an engaging and informative online platform, we designed a visually captivating website that incorporated the team’s iconic branding elements.

London Event Showcase

A crucial component of the website was a dedicated section highlighting the upcoming London event. This section provided comprehensive details about the game, including ticketing information, match previews and exciting activities surrounding the event.

Jacksonville Jaguars

Educational Resources

Recognising the need to educate UK visitors about American Football, we implemented an educational section on the website. This resource hub offered guides, articles, and interactive content to help fans understand the rules, strategies and nuances of the sport.

Latest News

To keep UK fans engaged and informed, we added a news and articles section on the website. This section featured the latest team news, player profiles, match reports and exclusive interviews. By delivering real-time content, we solidified the Jaguars’ position as the go-to source for UK fans seeking the latest updates on their favourite team.

Results and Sucess

Our collaborative efforts have resulted in the Jacksonville Jaguars’ website becoming a thriving hub of engagement and information for their loyal UK fanbase, attracting over 60000 visits in its first month.

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