Lazenby's Financial Services Website Design Case Study

Lazenby's Financial Services

Design and SEO to revitalise online presence and boost lead generation

In 2022, Lazenby’s Financial Services approached Cree Digital with a challenge. Their existing website was underperforming and failing to generate sufficient leads for their business. Recognising the need for a transformation, Lazenby’s sought our expertise to design and build a new website that would effectively capture their target audience’s attention and generate valuable leads.

Website Redesign

Cree Digital embarked on a comprehensive website redesign project.  Our goal was to optimise the website’s performance across all devices, ensuring a great user experience (UX) that would engage visitors and encourage lead generation.

We began by reimagining the website’s design, incorporating modern aesthetics and intuitive navigation. By strategically placing compelling content and strong calls to action, we created a user-friendly interface to guide visitors through the website’s key features and services.

The new design was crafted to reflect Lazenby’s professionalism, instilling trust and confidence in potential clients.

Significant Increase in Enquiries

Following the website’s launch, Lazenby’s Financial Services experienced a remarkable upturn in lead generation. The optimised performance of the new site across various devices, including mobile and desktop, played a crucial role in attracting and engaging potential clients.

By integrating contact forms and lead capture mechanisms throughout the website, we streamlined the process for visitors to express their interest and make enquiries. This resulted in a significant increase in enquiries, allowing Lazenby’s to nurture and convert these leads into valuable business opportunities.

Comprehensive Support: Development, Maintenance, and SEO

Beyond the initial website design and development, Cree Digital provide ongoing support to Lazenby’s. Our team ensures that the website is always up to date, responsive and maintains optimal performance over time. By continually monitoring and optimising the website’s technical aspects, we create a great user experience for visitors.

How the time is spent

Technical SEO


Content Creation


Link Building




Data Driven SEO

Our SEO services also serve to maximise the website’s visibility and organic search rankings. Through targeted keyword research, content optimisation and technical SEO enhancements, we ensure that Lazenby’s gain a competitive edge in search engine results. 

The ongoing support provided by Cree Digital, including website maintenance and SEO services, ensures that Lazenby’s online presence remained strong and visible.

Lazenby’s Financial Services now stands as a testament to the power of an optimised online presence. 

Experience the impact of a revitalised online presence. Contact Cree Digital today and explore how we can help your business thrive through website design, development, maintenance and strategic SEO services.

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