Lynx Purchasing Website Design Case Study

Lynx Purchasing

A website designed to streamline hospitality procurement

Cree Digital have been working with Lynx Purchasing for more than 8 years. Lynx’s core mission revolves around helping businesses in the hospitality industry streamline their procurement processes to save both time and money. Our task was to create a website that effectively conveyed this value proposition. Through visually appealing and informative content, we aimed to demonstrate the benefits of partnering with Lynx Purchasing to optimise procurement operations.

Seasonal Market Forecast and Gross Profit Calculator

A key feature of the website is the inclusion of a seasonal market forecast. This resource provides valuable insights into market trends and seasonal fluctuations, helping businesses make informed decisions and maximise their purchasing power.

The website includes the Lynx Purchasing Gross Profit Calculator app, a powerful tool designed to assist businesses in calculating their profit margins and identifying areas for improvement. By offering access to this app, Lynx Purchasing positions itself as a valuable resource for businesses seeking to enhance their financial performance.

Website Development, Maintenance, and SEO

In addition to website development, Cree Digital provide ongoing maintenance and support services to Lynx Purchasing.  As part of our comprehensive approach, we have implemented effective Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) strategies to enhance the website’s visibility and organic search rankings. 

Latest News

By offering ongoing website maintenance and SEO services, Cree Digital ensure that Lynx Purchasing’s online presence remains robust and visible to their target audience. The implementation of effective SEO strategies increased the website’s organic search rankings, driving relevant traffic and attracting potential clients.

The website has become a powerful tool for Lynx Purchasing, effectively conveying their value proposition and attracting businesses in need of efficient procurement solutions.

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