Social Media Marketing – Should I Be Posting a TikTok Dance?

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Social Media Marketing
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As part of your Social Media Marketing strategy, should you ‘get with the zeitgeist’ and post a TikTok dance? TikTok is huge, right? But is it where you’ll be found (by the right people!)?

Not necessarily… unless you really want to! Just follow our best SMM Tips and Tricks for Small Businesses.

Social Media can sometimes feel a little overwhelming. We know we have to join the party, keep up with change and post content to reach out to our target audience. But how on earth will we achieve that with limited time and resources?
Don’t Panic! We’re here to help.  Follow these tips and tricks.  It’s not quite as daunting as you might think.

1. Think about which Social Media platforms will work for your business

A topic in itself. With over 2.85 billion users worldwide, Facebook is almost certainly going to form part of your Social Media strategy. But don’t leave it there. With so many other platforms to choose from you’ll need to consider your customer demographics before investing your time across multiple Social Media platforms. Who are your customers? Where are they most likely to be hanging out online?

2. Look at your Social Media every day

Check out your feeds regularly to keep your finger on the pulse of industry updates, hot topics and changes relevant to your business.

  • If you’re too busy to read an article, bookmark it for later
  • Customise feeds to more easily focus on content or topics interesting to you
  • Ask your whole team to join in and share interesting topics and create/make suggestions for posts themselves.

3. Is there a gap in the market? Use SEO tools to help you find it.

SEMrush, Screaming Frog or SEOquake  for example, are powerful tools to see exactly which terms your customers are searching for and what their online behaviours are. The results of carefully targeted research will guide your brand’s content marketing effectively and economically.

4. Encourage and  Monitor Customer Feedback

Understand and engage with your audience by being responsive to feedback. Replying promptly to Customer Service queries helps to build trust and foster good relationships with your customers in the long term. All feedback, positive or negative, is a useful opportunity to improve your brand.

5. Check out Your Competition – in a non-stalky way!

It doesn’t harm to have a look at what everyone else is doing.  They’ll almost certainly be keeping an eye on you too. Spend a few minutes each week to see what your competitors are posting about. Have they got a promotion? Should you be thinking about that too?
Use the information wisely for inspiration on how to best promote your individuality as a brand.

6. Subscribe to some Social Media Marketing journals

Not too many, you don’t want to be overwhelmed with emails, but you will find some really useful information in their articles. Make a little time each week to read a few articles and keep yourself on top of current trends.
By no means an exhaustive list, see some great information providers below:

7. Join LinkedIn Groups

LinkedIn is arguably the most popular platform for business networking. LinkedIn Groups are a great way to interact with your peers, learn from them and share ideas.


The World of social media is always growing and changing. By spending time daily or weekly on social media platforms and news, you’ll get a firm grasp on trends and changes.
Staying on top of Social Media trends can be a daunting task, but it really is an essential part of online business today.

It’s all perfectly doable, but if you struggle with time and resources and might like to look into Cree Digital providing a helping hand with your Social Media, please do contact us


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