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Our website support service will help your business by making continual incremental gains to your high-performance website.

our Website Support service brings incremental gains

Consumers are becoming increasingly spoiled with the continual  rising standards of digital experiences. There’s no patience for slow or dated websites. Website performance is a key factor in creating enjoyable experiences that match the user’s intent.

Our website support service isn’t a maintenance contract – you don’t needs to ask us to change image or content because we show you how to easily do that yourselves. We take a proactive role in ensuring your website continues to thrive and perform as operating systems, browsers, plugins and devices upgrade and evolve.

Our support packages allow us to;

Incremental gains

Olympic swimmers shave their bodies, track athletes squeeze into lycra suits and sprint cyclists wear hats that are a funny shape. These aren’t fashion statements. All these strange choices are designed to make the tiniest of gains. 

We don’t offer funny hats but our monthly website support service will bring continual, incremental gains to keep your audience engaged and give you the edge over your competition.

Website support response times

When you get in touch, the clock starts ticking.

Time-Sensitive Issues

2 business Hours

Code issue, service outage, performance issue or other outage.

General Support Issues

2 Business days

General content changes and edits.

Add Functionality

3 Business days

Changes to site functionality e.g. forms, 3rd party integrations 

Project Consutancy

3 Business days

e.g. You know what you want to achieve on the webpage but unsure of how to achieve it.

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