ISM Psychology Website Design Case Study

ISM Psychology

Empowering Change and Supporting Well-being through Online Platforms

ISM, a prominent provider of drink-driving courses and interventions, is dedicated to fostering awareness and offering support to individuals seeking to address their drinking behaviours.

ISM sought to enhance their online presence and streamline their services through a user-friendly website. With a focus on drink-driving awareness courses, the website also provides information about other psychological services available to young people and families.

Booking System and Payment Gateway

A pivotal aspect of the website was the smooth integration of a booking system for drink-driving awareness courses.

Recognising the importance of convenience and accessibility, we designed a user-friendly interface that allows individuals to schedule their courses with ease. The booking system is a  streamlined process, ensuring efficient management of course registrations for both ISM staff and participants.

To facilitate smooth transactions, we integrated a secure payment gateway. This enabled individuals to make payments for the courses directly through the website, ensuring a hassle-free experience. By incorporating a robust booking system and payment gateway, ISM can effectively serve their clients while simplifying administrative processes.

Comprehensive Information and Support

In addition to the drink-driving awareness courses, ISM also offer a range of psychological services tailored to young people and families. The website serves as a platform to showcase these services, providing comprehensive details and resources for individuals seeking support. 

The website boasts an intuitive navigation structure, enabling visitors to easily explore the different services offered by ISM.  

By providing accessible and informative online platforms, ISM has positioned itself as a valuable resource in the field of drink driving interventions and psychological support for young people and families.

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